Campaign Announcement

October 24 Please join with me on October 24 to create new characters for a new campaign which is now set to start on October 31, Halloween. During this day all that is going to be done is character creation and background information. I want you to feel like your characgers are alive so that you will want them to succeed what they undertake.
Time 4pm till done creating characters. Please do not be late.
October 31 Halloween

Please join with me for our first game. Hours will be from 4pm to 10pm. With the session wrap up around 9 to 9:30. This will be the normal time. 5 to 6 hours of game time.

Vorn Brothers Campaign

Hello. I am planning to start a new campaign sometime during October of 2010. I have some ideas, but really I redoing all my old styles of DMing, and creating my own world.

The world of Acisa. A world overrun, by invader deities from other realms. Magic gone awry on countless worlds bring cities from those realms to the world of Acisa. Now it is like some ten thousands years later.

When I can find a way to get my hand drawn map into a digtal image I will upload it. TimeLine coming soon with basic framework of the history of the world, including some secrets.

Most of it is still in my head.

More to come….and once the campaign starts alot more will be added.

Vorn Brothers Campaign